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Information is cheap,
Meaning is expensive

George Dyson
Our team of extremely talented designers have years of experience in the business. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the appropriate look for your garment, whether it be for a business, band, event or gag gift.
In our opinion, a great printed garment starts off with the design. The appropriate design can basically speak for what you are trying to say... without ever saying it. It's the ability to know what to do and how to do it that separates our designers from the competition.

It's the little things, like know what screen to use, that make the difference between a good print and a great print.

Dave Maloney
Screen printing has been around for thousands of years. New technology enables us to assist customers in designing their own custom garments. Let's face it, until we get to all walk around naked clothing will be needed will be for many more years to come. We are at the top of the game when it comes to
integrating this ancient art form and the technology we all so readily have at our finger tips. The balance between the two can be seen every day in AxelRad's printed works.

The ability to control thread within a design is why God gave me needles instead of fingers

Embroidery is such a great and unique way to display your company logo on a garment. Whether you would like a stylish work shirt or a 3D puff embroidery of your own team's name, AxelRad and Threadward Needlehands have just what you need.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein
What do you do when you want just one shirt with a hilarious saying on it? What do you do when you have team shirts where each one gets a different name and number? You guessed it, vinyl.
Whatever your needs are, AxelRad has you covered. Vinyl allows us to accomplish simple one shirt designs, such as a saying, all the way down to making that team shirt jump from the Little League to the Big leagues.

Why work had when you can hardly work..and make the same money

AxelRad Contract Dept
If you would like to outsource your screen printing needs we have you covered. Please either contact us or go to Axelradco.com for all of your contract printing needs.

Simple. Clean. Easy.

There are a million variables when you consider all that goes into a custom printed garment. Our mission is to make those variables as simple and appropriate as possible for your given project.


Whether is your business or your event, the best shirts are often the simplest.


We encourage you to design your own or our team of Designers can help with anything.

Type of Shirt.

With so many choices out there let the experts guide you in the right direction.


You simply won't find turn around times like we have anywhere else.


Development is where we specialize. From start to finish, we got you.

Fine Details.

Our team has years of experience. Attention to detail is engrained in the entire process.


Above all else...we simply love screen printing.


Our customer service team would love the chance to turn any questions into answers.

Specialty Printing

We specialize in 4 color process and simulated process. With a little more work you can get a lot more on your shirts


While quality is and will always be our main objective, we like to stay extremely competitive when it comes to pricing. Check out our current great deals!

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